"Oh Muslim Brother - The note shown here is the one which the English and Americans seek to enslave the world with. Remember, oh Muslim Brother, that the blood of your brethren has flowed like rivers in order to increase the fortunes of these robbing overlords who sponge on the lands of Allah and his followers. Look at current events and those that have occurred in all areas of Islam under the disastrous occupation of the Anglo-Americans. This is an auspicious time for rapid action to salvage the last remnants by revolting against the Anglo-American imperialist tyranny. Now is the time to act, and if you delay until tomorrow, it will be too late. Remember, oh Muslim Brother, that with the defeat of the Anglo-Americans, hatred enemies of Islam, you will secure not only your own lives but also those of your children. Allah supports you and will shield you from danger in driving off the Jewish occupation which has always been sucking your blood throughout all the lands of Islam”.